Title Search

When you are purchasing a new home, you need to make sure that you are getting exactly what you expect. You want to purchase a property that is going to come without errors and certainly without any unexpected issues in the future. That is why it is so vital to apply the right kind of due diligence in the form of professional title research. You need to find a title agency that you can trust to help you execute thorough title searches and accumulate all the issues that must be resolved. The good news for you is that, at First Title Company of Ashburn, we are known for doing that to the highest standards. We provide our clients with exemplary title search services and ultimately, offer help for them to determine how viable a property purchase would be.

What We Can Do for You

Our team can provide you with the comprehensive title search service needs that you have. We apply our tried and tested methods to identify any discrepancies if they are present. This involves consulting the relevant public bodies, who hold the historic information on every property. From things like back taxes, liens, and boundary plans, we check through it all in-depth and find all issues quickly. So, when you trust in us for your title search needs, you can expect us to deliver you a deep, meticulous, and efficient service.

Diligent Title Search Methods

We have been conducting title searches for many years now and today, we know just what is required for the most effective and most efficient approach. Applying a systematic methodology at all times, we work deeply and quickly to find all the information that is relevant to your case. We are a diligent team, and we care about our reputation. So, whenever we are trusted by a client, we make sure that we do not deviate from what we know produces results. Therefore, if you care about precision and care, we are the team that you ought to be trusting.

Back Taxes

One of the most common points of error can be back taxes. Many properties still have unpaid back taxes, which may get hidden within historical records. However, if these were ever to present themselves, they would cause you severe concern and come at a cost. You undoubtedly want to avoid that and so, that is why we are the right crew for you. Our agents will identify all outstanding back taxes and present them to a property owner so that they can be rectified.

Physical Errors and Encroachments

Just as much so, various kinds of physical error can get in the way of successful property exchange, too. For example, things like encroachments, boundary disputes, and liens have all been known to be disputed and have the potential to cause hassle for a homeowner. So, before you inherit any of that hassle, make sure that you allow us to conduct your title search. We can locate and address any errors immediately, again taking them to the existing property owner to fix.