Title Insurance

While taking the time to thoroughly investigate your title is nearly always enough to know if any errors are present, it isn’t entirely definitive. Perhaps records were hidden out of view or unable to be accessed, which now present some unique, unforeseen issues. Although this is incredibly uncommon today, it does still happen and so, everybody needs to protect themselves. That is why you need to be taking title insurance seriously. You need to protect your interests as a new homeowner and so, title insurance needs to be top of your list. That is why our team works hard to provide our clients with the insurance solutions that they need. So, if you have any concerns over yours, you know that you ought to be trusting in us, at First Title Company of Ashburn, as usual.

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is a kind of financial safeguard for your title. A property title accounts for all the details of the property in question, including things like back taxes, liens, boundary agreements, and numerous other things. And, when there are issues or disputes with any of these things, the costs always fall back on the owner of the house. So, you wouldn’t want anything that was missed to come back to haunt you. Instead, you take out title insurance to cover the unexpected costs and ramifications that come with this.

Why Do You Need Title Insurance?

So, it should go without saying that title insurance is something that you take out when you care about protecting your interests. Particularly with things like back taxes, the unforeseen costs can be extensive. At the same time, things like boundary disputes between past owners often turn sour and you don’t want to be immediately thrown into the middle of one. Instead, you want to know that you are giving yourself the assurance that nothing is ever going to lead to any serious problems for you.

What We Can Do for You

That is where our team can be there to serve you. For many years now, we have been helping our clients to secure favorable title insurance deals once we have completed their title research. While we have total confidence that our methods are thorough, complete, and effective, we know that the real world always comes with surprises. So, we assist our clients with just as professional of a standard of ensuring, providing reputable and affordable options. With us, you and your home will never be exposed. So, when you place your faith in us, you do so because you know you care about peace of mind for the future.

Common Topics of Dispute

Various things can lead to title disputes and it is always diligent to remain aware of these. Some of the most common include unpaid back taxes, ownership, or rights after an irregularly completed will, and boundary disputes and liens with neighbors and the public. If one of these proves to threaten you with any concerns, you can relax and know that you have title insurance that has got you covered.