Settlement Agent

When you are buying a house, you want to know that everything is being executed smoothly and precisely. You do not want there to be any discrepancies with the documentation and certainly not between the different parties involved. Instead, you want peace of mind knowing that you are going to glide through the finalization processes. But if you are not partnering with a professional settlement agent, you simply are not going to be capable of doing that. That is because there is always ample settlement work that needs to be completed, which you no doubt want to entrust to a meticulous, dependable professional. Fortunately for you, at First Title Company of Ashburn, that is just what you will find. When you choose to work with one of our settlement agents. You can relax knowing that you are being supported by the best.

Why Choose Us?

Our team has been operating in the industry for many years now, boasting total certification and qualifications. We understand the intrinsic needs of every real estate deal and the crucial role that a settlement agent needs to play in this. If all the pieces are to come together at the right closing moment, you need a prudent, competent, and committed settlement agent onside. That is what we aim to provide you through customized settlement services and professional communication with all the relevant parties. Simply share the progress made in your transaction and we will have no problem taking it past the finishing line.


One of the most necessary services that we provide is the preparation of all documentation. When a piece of real estate is being bought or sold, there is plenty of legal paperwork that must be accurately written and finished. This includes things like the official transfer and the payment sheets, as well as numerous other important papers. It can be a hassle to manage alone, yet is something that you need to have completed by specialists that you can place your faith in. That is why we are always your best choice for settlement, no matter how challenging the barriers.

Title and Debt Searches

Moreover, our team takes care of the highly necessary title searches and debt searches. Nobody wants to purchase a home that is going to come with hidden debts that need to be paid and you certainly would not want to get embroiled in any title disputes on moving in. So, it is important that we deliver thorough research into your property title and make sure that every issue is settled before any finalization is agreed upon.

Final Arrangements

Once all the discrepancies are in order and the documentation sufficiently prepared, we can assist you with any final arrangements. Whether this is minor communications and signatures from involved parties or any last-minute corrections, we have got you covered. We will resolve any issue with the utmost precision, diligence, and haste, so that we can help you move in worry-free, as soon as possible.